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About "The Teacher", Diane Smith

Diane Smith serves humankind in various capacities. She serves as a teacher, author, business administrator, start-up business and church management consultant, commercial property consultant, personal financial coach, and seminar/workshop leader.

 Diane’s passion for teaching has helped thousands redirect some personal or business aspect of their lives. She reaches pastors, preachers, teacher, administrators, entrepreneurs and other community leaders around the nation offering available products, services and resources that are essential for consistent 21st-century organizational growth and development.

 Diane’s effective teaching and coaching style has inspired hundreds to overcome debt challenges, purchase their first home, start their own businesses or outreach ministries, become consistent givers, and better stewards. Diane teaches, coaches, and speaks to ministries, churches as well as individuals that are seriously seeking a better way of life. Her heartfelt passion is to inspire and help others to discover their earthly purpose while achieving measurable levels of success doing what God has commissioned them to do in this lifetime.

Diane earned her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Barton College in Wilson, NC, and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Wayne Community College. Diane received her Credit Education Instructor’s Certification from Central Michigan University College of Extended Learning, Certifications in Theology from United Christian College, Seminar Leader’s Certification from American Seminar Leaders Association. Diane holds various Certifications in Commercial/Residential lending and banking; she has over 15 years in the mortgage industry as a licensed mortgage broker. Also, Diane has over 18 accredited hours in Church Management and Tax Certification.

Diane’s Most Popular Requested Workshops Includes:​

  • Overcoming Financial Challenges
  • Church Conflict Manage
  • God, Money & Me
  • Developing Your Money Skills
  • Responsible Home Buying

"We believe family should always come first no matter what you have been called, assigned or feel lead to do in the Kingdom. I believe charity begins at home and then spreads abroad."

- Diane Smith

Our Mission...

Our Passion...

Our Goals...

Our mission is to bring financial healing to America through educational seminars, workshops implementing hands-on coaching, within practical and instructive settings.

Our heartfelt passion is to help born-again believers and others to discover the path that ultimately leads to God’s promised privileges, and to unearth and fully exercise God-given skills, gifts and talents.

We truly believe by mastering our finances, leads us into our purpose-driven lives.  That is why we focus on the financial discipline, the task of money and obtaining a healthy financial mindset. A healthy financial mind-set is a basic foundational principle for success in business and in life.

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Our workshops/seminars cover financial topics and sessions from credit education, personal and business credit to business growth and development building wealth strategies to maximum community outreach impact.

We are available to speak are national and regional conferences around the country. We also conduct workshops and seminars for corporate America and various organizations.

We strive to apply Christian morals, principles, and teachings to our daily conduct and business dealings.

We endeavor to bring desperately needed financial self-defense and protection to our churches, communities and businesses.