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The One Stop Shop Center

Welcome to Doing Church Right, your “one-stop-shop” Business Resource Center. Our passion is to help churches do church business decent and in order. Doing church right means you are experiencing ministerial growth, attaining financial stability, maintaining legal compliance and creating maximum community impact.

Whether you are a pastor, entrepreneur, outreach minister or a mission-minded individual wanting to make a difference, we have the ministerial and business ideas, resources, means and experience to help you start and grow your business/ministry organization.

As church congregations grow, so does the ministries of the church, as well as its financial position. Church growth creates a greater impact on the community as well as adding to the Kingdom. Members bring with them their talents, skills, and gifts. Therefore, if their God-given abilities are nurtured and cultivated, members will become true Disciples and purposed driven servants/ministers. Ministers that have discovered their ministry adds more positive laborers in the vineyard eager to serve others while giving back to the community.

We Offer Essential Church Startup Services:

Articles of Incorporation


Constitution and Bylaws

Policies and Procedures

Board Meeting Minutes

Ordination Certification

Compliance & Effective Startup Organizational Steps

  • Elect Board of Directors and elect Officers.
  • Incorporate as a nonprofit.
  • Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation.
  • Prepare and Adopt Policies and Procedures
  • Prepare and Adopt Bylaws.
  • Prepare and Obtain EIN via IRS Form SS-4.
  • Proper recording of Organizational/Board Meeting Minutes

501(c)3 Status For Your Church

Although, your church is automatically exempt from federal taxes, significant donations or grants are difficult to secure without a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt approval letter by the IRS. The recognition of your church or outreach ministry as 501(c) (3) tax-exempt by the IRS offers present and future advantages.  

At present, the benefits of 501(c)(3) status for churches include tax deductions for all major donors, eligibility for faith-based grants, corporate sponsorship and community funding, lower postage rates, and increased credibility among the public as well as other nonprofit organizations.

As government discretionary spending continues, more community health and human services, housing assistance, and educational programs are in stronger need of church and outreach ministry support and obligation. (Matthew 25:35) We are affiliated and connected to endless resources dedicated to making your church and outreach ministries visions and dreams come true. We understand that the vision for your church/ministry God has given you seems broader than your money can stretch. Don’t let your church or outreach ministry vision die or lose ground for lack of financial support. Allow us to complete your 1023 application quickly and correctly the first time so your organization can begin receiving faith-based grants or corporate donations. 

 Our experience and nationwide resources allow us to guarantee the approval of your church’s 501(c)(3) status or we’ll give you your money back. The IRS 501(c)(3) church application process can be both tedious and complex; when done incorrectly, it can add months of delays to your approval.

Our experience and nationwide resources allow us to guarantee the approval of your church’s 501(c)(3) status or we’ll give you your money back. The IRS 501(c)(3) church application process can be both tedious and complex; when done incorrectly, it can add months of delays to your approval.

Best of all, we provide your church/outreach ministries with customized training, coaching and other resources necessary to manage and operate the business and legal side of your organization. Remember, if you decide to use us, you will never have to go it alone. Spend your time using the God-ordained talent to birth the ministry that has been assigned to your hands. We make sure all things are done properly and correctly.

Our affordable pricing, easy pay options, buy now pay later program, promotions, and fundraising ideas make it easy to get started today! Why use anyone else?

Community Outreach Ministries

Many churches around the country are experiencing a rapid decline in attendance. This does not mean that churches no longer play vital roles in our communities, it simply means the church must find more effective methods to draw community attention. Outreach ministry is what brings churches and the communities together. Communities embrace ministries that recognize and offer support to their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, love, sense of purpose), as well as spiritual.

People are hurting and most of our communities are filled with people needing a helping hand. Starting outreach ministries maybe the best way to grow your church. It is so much easier to minister to one’s spiritual needs when basic needs are fulfilled.

Outreach ministries are not limited to serving the hurting and needy, some churches offer after-school care, skills training, mentoring or tutoring. More importantly, such activities will attract new members to your church.

Implementing these outreach ministries may also help your church qualify for government or foundation grants and attract community attention and support. which enables you to more effectively serve the needy while attracting more people to the church.

If outreach ministry sounds like a refreshing idea for your church programs or Christian ministry, below is a list of community outreach initiatives that could make a huge impact in the community as well as grow your church.

Community Outreach

  • Food Pantry
  • Clothing Closet
  • Homeless Outreach Ministry
  • Youth Ministries
  • Senior Ministries

Life Services

  • Life Skills Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Pregnancy Crisis Center
  • Bi-Lingual Services
  • Parenting Classes

Career Development

  • Interview Skills Seminar
  • Entrepreneur Workshop
  • Career Fair
  • Occupational Assessment
  • Resume Assistance


  • Computer Classes
  • School Supply Donations
  • Cooking Classes
  • First Aid Classes
  • Parenting Classes