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Doing Church Right

Resource Center Inc.

Our mission is to bring social, economic, and financial healing to the world through educational webinars, seminars, lectures, and workshops implementing hands on coaching, within practical and instructive settings.

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Church Business Resources in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Starting or expanding a church, business or ministry is as rewarding as it is challenging. Thankfully, you’ve got Doing Church Right on your side. Based in Goldsboro, North Carolina, we offer a variety of business products and services specifically designed to help grow and develop strong out reach ministries, small businesses, nonprofits, for -profits, churches, for-profits across the nation.

From fundraising to crowdfunding, corporate sponsorship to grant writing, Outreach ministry start-ups to 501(3)(c) – 1023 application submission to grant writing. We do it all. Doing Church Right offers a variety of resources, products, and services that are essential in developing stable and effective organizations .

Some of the services we offer are Compliance review, Fundraising, Business Certifications, Corporate Sponsorship, nonprofits services, grant writing, personal finance coaching, bookkeeping, and internal seminars workshops and much, much more. From church/outreach ministry start-ups to 501(3)(c) – 1023 application submission to grant writing. Again, we do it all.

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What people are saying about Doing Church Right!

"I have known this wonderful woman of God for many years and she is a person of many gifts and qualities. As a business consultant, teacher, author, church management Expert She operates with a spirit of excellence and high integrity. She is a powerful force when it comes to understanding the core needs of our community. She also has a great understanding of how to live victorious when it comes to financial matters and what the wealth transfer is all about in the kingdom. Anyone would be super blessed to glean from her wisdom and knowledge."
Dr. Anthony Stroman
Stroman Enterprises, Healing is Easy for the Kingdom Inc.
Inspirational Speaker, Talk TV - Radio Personality
"Thanks you once again for the part you played in getting us financed for our new facility. The fact that we were able to get a 30 year fixed loan was tremendous blessing; especially in light of the condition of the economy. People are still inquiring about how we were able to do it. Also, the process confirmed how important it is the process confirmed how important it is to have our books in order.

Thanks again for what part you played in helping me 'See what I saw.'"
Pastor Timothy Dortch
Eastern Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, "Word of Truth Christian Fellowship"
Miss Diane thank you so much for helping us purchase our first home. You helped us when no one else would. Thank you for teaching us not to buy no more than we could afford."
First Time Home Owner, Goldsboro, NC
We are happy to tell pastors and other community leaders know about this fine “Teacher,” and woman of God, Lady Diane Smith. Our church family has been blessed because the Lord sent her our way. Lady Diane is a woman of faith, wisdom and courage who knows about “Doing Church Right”. Thank you, Lady Diane, for teaching us how to strengthen ministries through compliance, compassion, and continued walking in Divine order. Operating through ministerial gifts, togetherness truly releases, and help transfer a wealth of stored blessings to your ministries.
Doretha Brown
Pastor, Parker's Chapel Church Inc.
Diane has written the most informative yet simple to understand books that will empower you to change financially. Someone mistakenly said, 'What you don't know won't hurt you.' Well, I want you to know what you don't know can ruin your relationships, devastate your life and even kill you. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Many people have been blindsided by life and never knew what hit them.

Diane's book is some of the best insurance you can get to help you financially. Her book is awesome, but just wait until you attend one of her seminars/webinars, you are going to be helped beyond measures.
Dr. Stan Harris
10th Degree Black Belt, Coach, Best Selling Author, and Minister
God has found favor in you and allowed you to find favor in us. We love you and thank God for sending you our way.
Dr. Gregory Holmes
Pastor, PC Church, Goldsboro, NC, Legal Redress Co-Chairs